It's Back!

We had so much fun last time, let's do it again!

This time, we are going to spice it up a bit! The contest is running for three weeks, and each week has a theme. One submission per user, per week. Week one runs Monday 7/8 - Sunday 7/14 and the theme will be "creative and crafty", week two runs Monday 7/15 - Sunday 7/21 and the theme is "artistic and elegant", and for week three, Monday 7/22 - Sunday 7/28, the theme is "Pure SF". We are excited to see your submissions!! See below for instructions on how to enter the contest!

1st Place - $110 1/4 and a logo Hoodie

2nd Place - $55 1/8 and a logo T-Shirt

3rd Place - Bliss Vanilla Mint Cupcake and a logo T-Shirt

(Honorable Mentions will be awarded as well! )

To enter to win: Submit photos of product(s) from The Apothecarium or of the likeness of The Apothecarium by uploading the photo to your Instagram account. Each patient (not user) is allowed one entry per week per theme. To qualify, all entry's content must fit into to the prescribed weekly theme. Each submission must "add ApothecariumSF" to the picture. Use the images below for reference. 

photo 3-1.PNG
photo 2.PNG
photo 1.PNG
photo 3.PNG

NO PHOTOS are allowed INSIDE THE COLLECTIVE, looking in the door, nor outside while patients are entering or exiting. Only Members of the Apothecarium can win. By submitting a entry by tagging us, you are granting us permission to re-post this image on our Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook pages. Your user name may or may not be used.

Winners will be announced on Saturday 8/3 at 1:00PM



Looking for inspiration? Check out the winning submissions from our last Instagram contest